Important Considerations for Building Managers During the Pandemic

Property managers have had to face a whole new set..

Important Considerations for Building Managers During the Pandemic

Property managers have had to face a whole new set of challenges in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is making it more difficult to complete a variety of managerial tasks, and it’s likely making many of a building’s residents uneasy. People may be concerned about walking through common areas and being exposed to the virus by people who live in close proximity to them. Management companies and employees who have direct contact with residents need to consider several important precautions in responding to the pandemic appropriately.

Deep Clean Common Areas

Targeted cleanings that go above and beyond regular janitorial upkeep will demonstrate to residents that you’re taking their safety very seriously and doing everything possible to create a healthy environment in the building. A specialty cleaning company can cover areas such as elevators, stairwells, reception areas, and laundry rooms. For help with deep cleaning Connecicut, reach out to a company that offers specialized experience in cleaning geared towards decontamination and germ control.

Establish a Mask Policy

Create a written policy requiring that all residents wear masks while they’re in the common areas. While some people have been unclear about mask-wearing because of misinformation about the virus, the scientific consensus is that wearing masks makes people much safer.

Limit the Number of Residents Who May Use the Elevator at Once

It’s especially important to prevent overcrowding in small spaces where it is difficult to maintain physical distance. People will feel more comfortable about using the building’s elevators if there is a limit on the number of passengers who may use it at one time.

Replace Electronic Access Control Entry Methods

Many buildings have recently made a switch to biometric access controls that use a resident’s fingerprint to unlock doors. Now, people will not want to touch a surface that everyone in the building is touching. Likewise, keypad access controls are difficult to clean and could be spreading germs. The best form of electronic access to use right now is a key fob entry system. Making the switch should not require replacing your entire access control system but rather only the individual terminals.

A comprehensive response plan will make your building safer and provide reassurance to its residents. Despite being busy by having to take on a new set of challenges, you need to make a concerted effort to make yourself available to answer any questions that your residents may have. They’ll appreciate your help and support now more than ever.