Tips and Tricks on Repairing Your Frisco TX Air Conditioner

The highest ever recorded temperature in Frisco, TX was 118..

Tips and Tricks on Repairing Your Frisco TX Air Conditioner

The highest ever recorded temperature in Frisco, TX was 118 degrees. A living disaster. Imagine you have to work inside an office when the weather outside is almost 120 degrees and there’s no air conditioner inside.

The temperature often goes over 100 degrees during the summer. At these times, finding an AC repair company is almost impossible. Lots of people wait for days until someone comes over and handle their problem. See more about working conditions here.

If you encounter a problem with your air conditioner, the best thing to do would be to try to fix it on your own. Some issues are too complex for the common person, but minor problems can be easily solved if you know how. In this article, we’re going over some of the most common ones. Keep on reading if you want to know what to do.

The AC isn’t blowing cold air

You’d be surprised how often this problem makes people call the AC repair companies. You’ll also be very surprised how often the solution is incredibly simple.

Most often, people oversee what is being shown on the remote control. All ACs are now controlled with a remote controller and a thermostat. People don’t realize that the thermostat and the remote controller might have the wrong settings. If you have this kind of problem, check this out first.

The outside unit is moving and making noise

When the unit was installed for the first time, or some of the repairmen who came before and were working on it, they probably didn’t do their job perfectly. What you need to do here is inspect the entire case and see if there’s a screw loosed somewhere.

You’ll most probably find at least one. Turn off the AC and tight it. That’s all that needs to be done. You’ll see how the entire unit will start working as nothing happened.

Inside unit turns off even though it’s still hot

This is a common issue for those who are not really keen on inspecting their AC during the years using it. The air comes in from the outside. With it, lots of dirt and dust come in too. All this is being stopped by the filters which are placed there exactly for this reason.

Air conditioners in the center of the city will be dirtier for more than a couple of times than those located outside the traffic and the streets. The reason for this is that the outside locations have much cleaner air. You should just take out the filters and clean them. This will do the job.

Water dripping inside the room

This is unacceptable. You can’t let water drip from the AC inside. Even though it seems like a disaster, the solution is quite simple.

When the air conditioner works, it condensates and creates water droplets. They are supposed to go out through a special pipe, but this pipe can sometimes be clogged by dirt. All you should do is vacuum it. Just make sure the vacuum cleaner is water-resistant so you don’t make an electrical shock. You’ll see how the problem is immediately solved and water will again go out.

The outside unit freezes                                                                                                     

This is also a common issue. The reason for something like this to happen is the dirt again. The registers, filters, and the places where, through the air, the dirt may be stuffed is the reason for the AC to work but the cold air to stay inside the unit.

If only half of the cold air ends in the room, and the rest is stuck inside the unit, the cold air will cause the entire machine to start freezing. It won’t be long until it completely shuts down and become broken.


As you can see, not all problems deserve calling the pros. With these air conditioner repair tips, you’ll save a lot of trouble. You’ll also save money and you’ll get the job done without waiting for days for someone to come.

If you can solve the problem on your own, that’s the best thing you should do. Why waste resources on something you can do yourself.

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