Sewage Cleanup: Everything Homeowners Need to Do

Sometimes, property owners can manage small sewage spills without the..

Sewage Cleanup: Everything Homeowners Need to Do

Sewage Cleanup - Everything You Need to Know About It

Sometimes, property owners can manage small sewage spills without the help of a professional. Small spills are usually confined to bathrooms or parts of a kitchen. However, more significant spills may require the assistance of a professional. Sewage is a delivery method for infection and diseases.

Property owners need to get the help of a sewage cleaning firm is:

The sewage has already flooded more than once

The spill happened more than one day ago

The spill is caused by a septic tank or sewer backup

The property owner or their family members have health problems that may increase the risk of infection

Speak with a cleanup company

If the house had an emergency, do not wait before it worsens. Make sure to take action immediately to save all the belongings inside the home and protect everyone living in it.

Sewer backups and sewage spills

Sewage backups and sewage spills can occur when the toilet overflows, if there are problems in the sewer system, or if the property septic tank is already backed up. Spills can consist of either gray or black waters; both are considered wastewater.

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Gray water

It usually comes from washing machines, bathroom sinks, or showers. It can be cleaned, filtered, and reuse again.


It is a kind of water from dishwashers, kitchen sinks, and toilets. It can contain disease-causing pathogens and harmful bacteria, making it pretty difficult to filter, clean, and reuse.

Backups differ from minor problems to costly and significant events. Backed-up toilets in contained bathrooms can cause inconvenience but do not usually come with major biohazard risks. Septic tank backups, as well as substantial spills covering multiple floors, need to be handled by a sewage professional or company.

Wastewater management systems are vessels of infections and diseases. Untreated damage in the system can have significant health consequences, especially for senior citizens, kids, and individuals with compromised immune systems or with co-morbidity. Damage in the system can also cause mold and mildew growth, creating problems for individuals with lung health problems.

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Not only that, the backup cleaning process can be pretty expensive and can cause significant damage to properties and homes. The conveniences created by these problems, as well as the time needed to sanitize and adequately clean it also results in significant disruptions to school, home, and work routines.

Sewage Backup Guide - Abbotts

Cleaning up small spills

If homeowners decide to start the cleanup, they can prevent further damage to their properties. Early cleanups can prevent disease-causing pathogens and harmful bacteria from spreading, creating an odorous smell that will not be easily removed from their property. The spreading bacteria and pathogens in the sewage can also make people living in the house sick if it is not dealt with properly.

Wear proper protective equipment

If it is only a minor spill and you are cleaning it yourself, make sure to use the proper personal protective equipment. Don’t try to clean it up without using protective equipment first. Listed below are the minimum item requirement for a Do-It-Yourself waste removal:

Clothing or coveralls, you can throw away after use

Disinfectant solutions

Rags and paper towels

Heavy plastic bags

Eye protection

Rubber gloves




There are a couple of items people can do to minimize the health risk complications if property owners notice a leak or spill. The first thing homeowners need to do is to contact their insurance policy firm to see what their policy can cover. Then ask people to go outside and leave the area.

Prioritize older people, infants, kids, and individuals with compromised immune systems or people with lung problems. Pets and people should be kept out until the place has been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. While cleaning the area, open all windows to help circulate the odor and air. You can also use a dehumidifier for convenience.

Professional Cleanup Company

Leak and spill, regardless of size, will contaminate the house with disease-causing pathogens and bacteria. It can also cause serious health problems to the people living on the property. Cleaning and containing the leak immediately can help prevent microbial growth.

But a lot of individuals do not have the right tools to clean the place effectively. That is why calling a professional service provider as soon as possible is very important. These professionals can do sewage cleanup, clean upholstery and carpet, decontaminate the property, as well as perform damage restorations all over the house.

If the overflow saturates the upholstery or carpet and soaks into the property’s drywall, these things need to be replaced. Working with experts minimizes the risk of future damage to the house and makes sure that proper disinfection is done, decreasing the possibility of severe infection and illness.

The kind of professional homeowners hire depends on the nature of the problem and damage. Some professionals specialize in cleanup and damage, as well as experts in septic tanks. Make sure to know the problem before contacting a company that suits your home needs.