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  • A Brief Guide to Radon Gas Testing & Mitigation

    It is vital to start by saying that radon testing is the perfect way to determine whether your home has high levels of radioactive gas, leading to lung cancer and other issues.

    Generally, radon is an odorless, colorless, and radioactive gas that enters the world as a byproduct of decaying uranium. Besides, we can find it in the soil as well as the air we breathe daily.

    According to the American Cancer Society, the problem can quickly happen as soon as specific gas enters your home and gets trapped for numerous reasons.

    Keep in mind that prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues. Based on the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, radon exposure affects more than twenty thousand US citizens every year.

    The best way to learn more about radon from the EPA’s official website is by clicking here for more info.

    How Does It Enter Your Home?