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Buy Home for You

  • Traditional removalists to schedule estimators

    Technology has changed how all of us conduct our lives. Obtain an estimate for your interstate removals cost is no different! Where you once had to call around to traditional removalists to schedule estimators and wait for a quote, you can now do it all online. There are lot of companies who do that in Australia or offer the service for you to access the best options to move your furniture interstate or locally . But I personally know how many people have had terrible stories with their move , done a bit of research by myself and talked to few industry experts to find out who’s the top dog currently , surprised to see many people and businesses have gone for self-packing option , as they can’t trust others to handle their belongings . Out of those self-pack interstate moving companies , You pack Removals had stood out based …

  • Vinyl Floors: Vinyl tiles and what to know about installing vinyl

    Due to how cost-effective, attractive and practical this floor option is, vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg is only gaining in popularity as a floor choice.

    Vinyl tiles

    Vinyl tiles are also a great option for vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg. They look and feel like real tiles, but at a lower cost. They are perfect for areas with high footfall, pressure and moisture. There are two kinds of vinyl tiles.

    Inlay tiles are made up of many layers of the same top surface pattern that are fused together. The colour of the pattern is therefore retained all the way through to the back. This means the integrity of the colour is preserved, even if a layer or two is worn away.

    Rotogravure vinyl tiles are the other option. Here the layer of vinyl colour is at the top and a thin protective sheet is placed over it. Although it has a high …